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Picture of the Week

This is Joyce Meyer. One of the world's leading practical bible teachers, lecturer, and best selling author for inspirational Christian living. She is just great! And down to earth. She can be found on radio and television, (I watch her show daily) and you can find out more about her and her ministry at:
The reason I chose this picture for the week, is because I'm so excited that she will be here in Tampa for a 3 day conference, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Not only do I plan to go, (I've been to past conferences), but decided this year I would volunteer to help out. So I'm real excited about that. Doing service, doing what I can do.
Now here's an example of how God works: I said "out loud" about a year ago, that I wanted to volunteer next time she is in town. So of course when the Tampa conference was announced, I was happy, and said again, "out loud" to friends and Benn, that I wanted to volunteer this year. Well, y…