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The "Un" void

Since I really don't have a topic today, and yet wanted to blog, I really had no title so hence, you get the "un" void, 'cause I'm not in a voided type mood or action in my life right now. So you go figure.
Yes, I've been busy, I mean keeping up with all these social networks is time consuming. Writing detailed articles IS time consuming. Maybe I do feel like my blog's falling into a void. Is there anybody out there? I'm glad a few of you are joining in and taking the polls! Are we enjoying my posts on gemstone lore?

I thought about my day, what do I choose to accomplish or work on today? I must keep my priorities, but also remember "balance". Sometimes it's just good to do a little of each task, per day than to get totally absorbed in one thing and have it suck the life out of the day! I really hate when that happens. Then I find myself at the end of the day, still not feeling like I got anything done, I still have to cook dinner, feed ca…