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The Artist

I am a self-proclaimed artist.
I don't work normal hours.
I am emotional.
I love nature.
I am a non-conformist.
I have cats.
I am highly spiritual.
I'm a little bit quirky.
Some say, crazy.
I have tattoos.
I enjoy art in many forms.
I like sushi.
I'm opinionated.
And most recently, I've begun to understand the term, "starving artist".

I'm bored. This is where I find myself today. Now I was going to post a photo of myself above here, but couldn't find one, (can you believe that?) So my mythological picture will have to do. Not that I look like anything in the above picture!
I guess I'll have to expose myself another day.
I've done all my work; applied for jobs, posted new jewelry, checked my email, went to the post office. Ate, and ate some more.
So I thought I'd blog a little here. I hate to go all week and not post on the blog!
Now I've talked about it for a while now, and put it off; writing an article on gemstone lore. I've had a stack of resourc…