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Getting back on track

I'm trying to get back on track with my daily routine. Working my part time hours, and creating jewelry on the other days. But boy, have I been lazy since Christmas. I think I worked so hard producing and preparing, and doing those last few shows before Christmas, that I almost burned myself out! I have finally finished photographing all my jewelry and have slowly been adding new items to my Etsy shop, day by day. But have I finished a new piece, no way! Well, not entirely true. I have been working on a chunky necklace of copper tube beads and lampwork beads for a while now. The necklace is finished, but it turns out that I will be doing a matching bracelet as well. I just can't seem to finish it.
I made my warm lemon cake too. It didn't turn out quite as I hoped.

Recipe compliments of; you can find it here.
Now, look what I got for Christmas: a new (small) work bench and vise!

It's just big enough for the kind of work I use it for, and I needed a new vise, since…