Getting back on track

I'm trying to get back on track with my daily routine. Working my part time hours, and creating jewelry on the other days. But boy, have I been lazy since Christmas. I think I worked so hard producing and preparing, and doing those last few shows before Christmas, that I almost burned myself out! I have finally finished photographing all my jewelry and have slowly been adding new items to my Etsy shop, day by day. But have I finished a new piece, no way! Well, not entirely true. I have been working on a chunky necklace of copper tube beads and lampwork beads for a while now. The necklace is finished, but it turns out that I will be doing a matching bracelet as well. I just can't seem to finish it.
I made my warm lemon cake too. It didn't turn out quite as I hoped.

Recipe compliments of; you can find it here.
Now, look what I got for Christmas: a new (small) work bench and vise!

It's just big enough for the kind of work I use it for, and I needed a new vise, since I broke my cheap other one that I had fold forming cuffs. My creating space is growing!
And I got these cool weight bags for my tent.

They are heavy duty, like tire rubber material, that you can fill with sand, or water to secure your canopy, like this:

All stuff that I asked hubby to get me for Christmas. Real romantic, I know.

Here's just a couple of new things I've listed in my shop.
Long, curved, copper earrings

Round copper disc earrings

There will be lots of new things, changes, news, very soon, and into the new year.
Happy New Years everyone and stay safe!
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Sher said…
It's so hard to get back on track after the holidays. Those weights are going to be such a big help for your tent. Love the earrings!
I've had family in town for almost 2 weeks now! I love spending time with them, but my Type A personality is ready to get back into a routine!!!
I'd take a practical/useful gift over a romantic gift anyday...I think your hubby did great :)
Love the long copper earrings!

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