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What's your worth?

There has been so much talk lately among jewelry designers who sell on-line about copying other's work. O.k., so you think you're the first to come up with some new design? Then go ahead and get in copyrighted. Pay the $30.00 fee, fill out the application, etc. You know what? People of all walks of life have been making jewelry since the Egyptian times. Know what I have to say, get over it, move on, life's too short.
BUT, this is NOT what I'm here to talk about today. I stand on my soap box today with the issue of jewelry makers who price their creations too low.
I've recently talked with a fellow on-line jewelry designer who said the same thing as me and agrees. She sees many other's selling quality made jewelry at discount prices.
So I have to say, "what's your worth (as a jewelry artist/designer)? Do you want to make .50 cents per item you make? And have to turn out 20-30 items to feel like you've made some money?
Let me say this, you are not only d…