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The day after report

I finally did my first show. I like to be pretty well organized, so Friday I had everything ready and packed, had my check list, loaded my car at night, and then locked myself out of the house. I had to drive to Benn's work to get keys to get in!
Saturday morning, the day of the show started out a bit irritating. The church was well organized guiding cars in and parking, but a few volunteers were a bit Nazi- like, which led to a little bit of unneeded stress.
I shared a booth with my friend Carol, who does seed bead weaving, so we had 2 totally different styles of jewelry, not at all competing with each other.

That's Carol in the background and her work is to the right on the table.
The weather was beautiful, but the crowds were just not there. A few people at a time would come by; I think we saw more vendors that people off the street. I did manage to sell 5 things (many to friends I had invited myself), and handed out lots of business cards letting people know that I have an on-…