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My disappointment with ELF cosmetics- again

A few weeks ago, ELF was having a great sale on their new skin care. $10.00 for a full size 3 piece set which included a face cleanser, serum, and a moisturizer, PLUS, free shipping. I couldn't resist. For that bargain price, I was willing to sample these products as I did have an interest in trying them out, and I haven't heard much talk or reviews about them.
And, once again, I'm disappointed with the quality of the products. But, I guess, it's true- you get what you pay for. I might also mention that ELF's service is not up to par with other brands as far as processing orders goes. I had a problem with them before, and this time (once again) they shipped me a cleanser and 2 serums, not a moisturizer. Of course they took care of the problem and did ship out the moisturizer at no charge.

Let's talk about the products. The daily face cleanser (3.71 fl. oz.) is a liquid, foaming cleanser. You mix with water, lather, apply, and rinse. Ingredients: water, dec…