My disappointment with ELF cosmetics- again

A few weeks ago, ELF was having a great sale on their new skin care. $10.00 for a full size 3 piece set which included a face cleanser, serum, and a moisturizer, PLUS, free shipping.
I couldn't resist. For that bargain price, I was willing to sample these products as I did have an interest in trying them out, and I haven't heard much talk or reviews about them.
And, once again, I'm disappointed with the quality of the products. But, I guess, it's true- you get what you pay for. I might also mention that ELF's service is not up to par with other brands as far as processing orders goes. I had a problem with them before, and this time (once again) they shipped me a cleanser and 2 serums, not a moisturizer. Of course they took care of the problem and did ship out the moisturizer at no charge.

Let's talk about the products. The daily face cleanser (3.71 fl. oz.) is a liquid, foaming cleanser.
You mix with water, lather, apply, and rinse. Ingredients: water, decyl glucoside, lauryl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate-
O.K., I'll stop right there. I've always read and been told that the first 5 ingredients are the main and most abundant in a product. So, let's look at these. Can you even pronounce them, or know what they are? If so, good for you! What I'm seeing here, are a bunch of chemicals. If I can't pronounce, or don't know what the ingredients are, I probably shouldn't be using the product.
This cleanser claims to be gentle and hydrate the skin. NOT. It made my face feel a bit tight, and dry.

Followed up with the Soothing serum (1.1 fl. oz.); It's claims to "be a silky serum with nourishing jojoba, aloe, and vitamin E, and other antioxidants". Listed starting about the 9th ingredient on the list.
I found this serum to be heavy, like a cream, but not in a good way. I think it even burned my face a bit the first time I used it after the cleanser. It is nothing special.
I won't bore you with the other products' ingredients, because they are much the same.

And finally, the daily hydration moisturizer (2.53 fl. oz.)
Made with jojoba and shea butter (listed 6 and 7 on ingredient list). This one's o.k. I'd call it an average day moisturizer. It has a nice thick consistency, I do like that it has a pump, and a typical drug store moisturizer fragrance to it.

Overall, for the price, and if you have normal skin, this would be great for you. If you have younger skin, or even slightly oily skin, you probably would like this line too. But if you have mature skin, problem skin, or are trying to prevent premature aging, look somewhere else.

BTW: I started using a new (to me) line of skin care from France called Nuxe. If you'd like me to review the products, leave me a comment please!

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