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Before and after

A custom order for a friend. She brought me a plain strand of green aventurine stones, and a long bead; of unknown origin.

I made a glamorous chunky bracelet in sterling silver.

I wire wrapped some of the beads and wrapped some with coils of silver. Solid Bali silver beads add a contrast of oxidized color between the stone beads. To make this more bright and sparkly, I made twisted wire rings, to move freely between each bead link. They are all soldered (fused) so they will not come off.

We discovered the pendant bead to be made of wood, with a drilled center ring. So to match the bracelet, I made more twisted wire, and wrapped the bead like a cone shape, and ended it in a spiral. It has a thick, gauge jump ring at the top so a chain may be added to it.

See what you can do with a plain strand of beads? My customer is quite happy!