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The easiest spice cake recipe

For this team blog carnival (Etsy Blogger's), Rose of Random Creative asks, "What is your favorite fall recipe?"

So many come to mind. I love making homemade soups, and cooking in the crock pot.
But, today, I thought I'd share the easiest recipe for spice cake that I know of.
I might have gotten this recipe from Weight Watcher's, but I'm not sure.
First, you will need a box of spice cake mix.
And a can of pumpkin.
And that's it! Mix the 2 together; it will be a thick batter. Then bake according to the box directions. You will get the most moist, succulent spice cake! Of course you can always add your favorite icing if you wish.
I found this video about pumpkins; it's a little long, but fun! Enjoy!