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It's been a slow week

It's been quite a slow week for me at work. When I am there, that is. Being the last week in August, with kids going back to school and all, where I work is very slow. I've had half days, sent home early or no days at all. I'm a veterinary technician by trade for those of you who don't already know that. Typically this is a slow week in this business, as people will cut back on their pet care, or put things off for awhile.

"Into the Library"

Of course this doesn't help pay the bills!
They say, "you've got to invest money to make money". And this is true. I try to invest in myself, learn new jewelry making techniques, and provide top quality jewelry items for sale. This is becoming difficult to do, as right now I have no extra or free money to invest in my jewelry business.

"Cocoa Sunrise"

And of course, I'm out of about 5 different wires that I need in order to create new jewelry. I bagged up my scrap sterling last night, and search…