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My week-end

Well it's Monday which is the last day of my weekend or last day I work with making jewelry (usually). Back to my "day" job Tuesday (as a veterinary nurse); please no medical questions; as some of you may know that I love the animals, but am looking to phase out of that business and enjoy my creative side, making jewelry. So my "day" job lasts 3 days, Tuesday thru Thursday, them I'm back to the beads, stones, metal etc. Here's some of the projects completed this weekend. They are not posted in my etsy store; I think some of these I will sell locally at a shop (boutique). Worked with some Vintaj brass, and Kazuri beads, and yes, that's me modeling the pink necklace (made for myself) as my husband and myself were getting bit by mosquitoes! This pretty bead was made by Richard Ronsick of Cloud 9 art glass. You can see another of his work: the green bead necklace that I'm holding in my hand. I do plan to make another (different style) and p…