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"Making a living without a job"~a book review

In her book, Barbara J. Winter writes about "winning ways for creating work that you love", how to be your own boss, and explore your entrepreneurial dreams and ideas.
I found this book a timely read even though it's original printing was in 1993. Especially in this economical struggle for many, the author shares not only her own experiences with entrepreneurial business ventures;but other's who have gone on their way to being their own bosses. She writes, "Big businesses have lost their cachet, as well as the belief that they were the foundation of our society's economic health."
I would recommend this book to anyone who is any field, already a small business owner, whether beginner or seasoned, and also to anyone who may find themselves out of work, downsized, or just plain unhappy working for someone else.
This book if filled with ideas on how to brainstorm, marketing, creating "multiple profit centers", finding your passion, doing your homewo…