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Saturday's shop update

My Saturday morning started out as it usually does, chatting with friends, running errands. I went to a local art festival that a metalsmith friend of mine was in, to check it out. It is always good to go to a show before you decide to apply for the next show that a particular group might be having. It was quite small, not too much traffic. In a nice park right along the bay, so the view was really nice. It still is a little bit hot here, for me anyway.
Here's what's new in my shop:
Western style earrings

I love working with mixed metals. It's just a great look. You can wear mixed metals for any season.

Western rings

Ok, sometimes I get on a roll, with a theme, oh well! More mixed metals, more twisted wire.

Copper cone earrings

A familiar theme? These are fun! And turquoise too!

Green glass focal pendant necklace and earrings set

Now this one breaks the theme! I had fun working with this artisan made borosilicate lampwork bead. Earthy, greens and blue. I like the way my own hand s…