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I joined

I finally joined Weight Watchers this week. With resistance, I might add. I kept making excuses for not going.
I'll join on Monday. Don't want to start on a weekend.
(Monday) I don't like the times of these meetings today. It doesn't fit into my schedule.
(Tuesday) Maybe I'll join after work. I'm already out, so I'll just stop by after work. But I'll be hungry at that time.
What if I don't get out of work on time to get to the meeting. This excuse is usually the one that is most true, because every time I plan something for after work, it never fails that we work late.
O.k. I'll do it tomorrow.
I did not let myself off the hook on Wednesday, and went. With skepticism, and probably a bad attitude too.
AND, I am not happy with the "new" 2012 program. Not only do you have to eat fruits and vegetables all the time, but now they are cutting back on carbs too.
Of course you can eat all the fruits and veggies you want, except for 3 which do have poin…