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Tired and uninspired

That's how I've been feeling, quite frankly. Just to update- a pretty nice event last weekend at the Women with Purpose "Women's Expo". I sold my newest earrings, not having had the time to take any photos of them. (This seems to happen to me.) But, I've worked 4 days straight, plus extra hours at my "day" job, and I'm just about burned out. I recently added an extra day to my job, and this doesn't really seem to be working out for me.
I think I'd rather be making more jewelry, and I haven't had enough time to really prepare for my next shows or have much inventory either. I need to re-think things.
I think a good question is, "Do I want to be happy?" I've already been thinking and working on this.
We also had an unexpected new family member arrive in our home, which has kept me busy with even more work. You'll have to stop back for that. Next post, I promise!