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My new job is kicking my butt!

Priorities. I've had to set priorities on just what I can accomplish in a day. Work, exercise, meditate, time with God, taking care of the home, managing my shops on-line, making new jewelry, marketing my jewelry, looking for local shops, just to name an average day. So, of course, I've neglected this blog and following the blogs that I like to read.
I'm off today, from the new job that is, and let me tell you; it is so hard, physically to get back into things when you haven't worked for 8 months. I'm out of shape, gained weight(which I've mentioned to a few recently). And my chosen profession takes alot of physical capabilities. I'm on my feet the entire time, I have to lift heavy dogs, walk them, do laundry, clean hospital; these are just some of the physical tasks required in addition to my veterinary nursing skills that I must perform also.
I am soooo tired an the end of the day. My feet hurt, ankles hurt, my back hurts, I usually have a headache. BUT, I …