My new job is kicking my butt!

Priorities. I've had to set priorities on just what I can accomplish in a day. Work, exercise, meditate, time with God, taking care of the home, managing my shops on-line, making new jewelry, marketing my jewelry, looking for local shops, just to name an average day. So, of course, I've neglected this blog and following the blogs that I like to read.
I'm off today, from the new job that is, and let me tell you; it is so hard, physically to get back into things when you haven't worked for 8 months. I'm out of shape, gained weight(which I've mentioned to a few recently). And my chosen profession takes alot of physical capabilities. I'm on my feet the entire time, I have to lift heavy dogs, walk them, do laundry, clean hospital; these are just some of the physical tasks required in addition to my veterinary nursing skills that I must perform also.
I am soooo tired an the end of the day. My feet hurt, ankles hurt, my back hurts, I usually have a headache. BUT, I am grateful to finally have a job that brings in a weekly pay check.
I did have to buy some new scrubs, as I mentioned before, nothing I had was fitting.
I got on the scale the other day; I lost 1 pound; probably from sweating every day!
It feels good, today to have the day off. I did yoga this morning while watching Joyce Meyer on T.V., managing to complete two tasks at once, both which are healthy benefits to my body, mind, and spirit.
I need to photograph new supplies for my supply shop on Etsy, work on making new jewelry, update shops today and hopefully get to read some other blogs.
Well, I'm ready to start my day! Have a good one!


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