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What a nice party I went to last night. You wouldn't believe 36 women together in one room doing an ornament exchange, wow! Had a nice walk this morning, here's what I encountered along the way:

Loch Ness Monster. Yes, this is what we can expect here in Florida! And this is about as close as I want to get!
As I promised, I want to show off some of the pieces I mentioned before and I finished the southwestern necklace too.But I waited too long today to take photos outside, lost the natural light, had a shaky hand, you get the message; kind of lousy photos today.
Here's a few:

Now for a name, I can't decide; maybe Sedona pottery, or Fiesta?
Anyone have suggestions for the name of the southwestern necklace? I need to retake photos tomorrow, I guess before I can list these in my Etsy shop. Right now I've got to go feed the hungry cats, and husband!