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E.L.F. cosmetics- My $10.00 experiment

So I've been seeing and hearing a lot about E.L.F. cosmetics on Youtube and some beauty blogs. I thought I'd give them a try. If you're not familiar with E.L.F. (eyes, lips, face); they are an inexpensive cosmetic brand featured at mass market big box stores such as Target and Walmart. You can also buy directly from their website, which is what I did, since many of their items cannot be found in local stores.
First, my overall complaints.
Although I only spent about $10.00 for all these products pictured, E.L.F.'s shipping fees are high; something like $7.95-8.95 for orders under $40.00.
My other complaint; their website did not allow me to change my name on my mailing address and kept defaulting to my business name. (I almost did not receive my package shipment, except that I caught the mailman one day asking about a package and he said, "is this you-Devine Designs Jewelry?" "yes")
AND, the one face palette that I really was looking forward to t…