E.L.F. cosmetics- My $10.00 experiment

So I've been seeing and hearing a lot about E.L.F. cosmetics on Youtube and some beauty blogs. I thought I'd give them a try.
If you're not familiar with E.L.F. (eyes, lips, face); they are an inexpensive cosmetic brand featured at mass market big box stores such as Target and Walmart. You can also buy directly from their website, which is what I did, since many of their items cannot be found in local stores.
First, my overall complaints.
Although I only spent about $10.00 for all these products pictured, E.L.F.'s shipping fees are high; something like $7.95-8.95 for orders under $40.00.
My other complaint; their website did not allow me to change my name on my mailing address and kept defaulting to my business name. (I almost did not receive my package shipment, except that I caught the mailman one day asking about a package and he said, "is this you-Devine Designs Jewelry?" "yes")
AND, the one face palette that I really was looking forward to trying was not available, but the website had it as available, and I did not find out until later through an email. (Hey, I wonder if I ever got credit for that product?)

A quick rundown on the products.
The stippling brush does not have packed bristles. They are thin and wide apart. Does not make for good coverage of foundation, which I tried to use it for. As a matter of fact, the brush hairs were falling out upon first use.
The maximum coverage concealer-NOT. Did nothing to assist with my dark circles.
The cream eye liner was o.k., but the color "midnight" which appears dark navy blue on the website seems like black in person.
The matte lip color pencil has o.k. color, but is very dry in application and wearability.
The mascara-nothing special.
The nail polishes were true to color, and o.k. in application. (What did I expect for $1.00 a piece?)

Overall the saying "You get what you pay for" seems to fit here. This product line seems geared more toward the younger population, those on a budget or the beginner with make-up.
Needless to say, E.L.F. cosmetics will be removed from any future shopping trips. There's just too many other (better) options out there.

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Victoria Taft said…
The smaller stippling brush is the one I like, I agree 100% with everything you said though. Some of their stuff is great but a lot of it is just "meh"
hopeandjoyhome said…
I like their cheek highlighter..comes in a little tube. In my mind it gives me that "JLo glow" in reality it probably just makes me look oddly frosted or sweaty... good thing I don't deal in reality!
I have heard a lot of good and "blah" things about this brand. Thanks for checking it out!

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