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Do you like free stuff?

Hello everyone! Just a short post today to let everyone know what I'm up to. What I did today: I walked early this morning and actually was accompanied by my husband, Benn. Now it's getting cooler here, and this morning was real nice. As we walked around the ponds, you could see the mist drifting upwards as the sun was coming up. Nice beginning to my day! Had to run a couple of errands, get pants tailored, stopped at my favorite store, (Macy's) if you're wondering. They are always having a sale. I saw some nice scarves that I was thinking about for display ideas for when I do an upcoming arts and crafts event. But I didn't buy them; came home thought about it checked Etsy for scarves. But, for the money I think I'll go back to Macy's tomorrow and get them.
Then I treated myself to some new earrings from Lisa at LISA'SLOVLIES.ETSY.COM and she's got a giveaway too! And now I'm sipping some jasmine green tea out of my favorite cast iron pot and conn…