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Courage to Soar~Simone Biles~ A book review

Courage to Soar is the true-life story of four-time Olympic gymnastics champion Simone Biles. It’s a rag to riches success story written in her own words, that takes the reader on a journey from Simone’s childhood beginnings, her adoption, move to Texas, and her young years in gymnastics through her teen years, up to her previous wins at the Olympics.
Simone shares her winning attitude, courage, and faith in her story. It’s a thorough detailed story of her life at home and in gymnastics. Written in her own words, this book appeals to a youthful audience.
I enjoyed reading this book and learning about Simone Biles. It’s always an inspiration to read how one overcomes setbacks, hurdles and disappointment in life. It’s a feel-good story that any youth would enjoy reading. Quite honestly, this book does not contain too much talk about religion or faith. Faith and prayer are mentioned a few times throughout the story. And since it is written from a teen-agers stand point, I found …