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PMC, for me?

Well, in a sentence, let me sum it up for you; "I suck at it!"
It was a challenging weekend for me. The local art center here flew in Terry Kovalcik, senior PMC instructor at Rio Grande to teach the workshop. His work is great!
And he had a great workshop planned for us which included making pendants, texturizing, making bails, tube beads, hollow round beads, molds, oxidizing pure silver, making colors, polishing and more.

I never worked with clay before so there was much for me to get used to. I'm used to bending and twisting metals, shaping and using pliers and the like. I found out that you really have to have a good feel for clay.
Terry said to use light pressure. Go lightly on oiling your work surface. Go easy on oiling your hands. So I did. And found out that I had to keep reapplying oil to my hands as they kept soaking up the oil!
You must have an idea plan for your piece. I really didn't. So I found myself over-working the clay, and i…