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Vintaj Brass

I want to be Vintaj Brass Co.'s designer of the month! You may already know that I like to work with many mediums. I love metal and wire work, sterling silver, copper, natural gemstones, lampwork beads (of course!) and brass. It's so different and vintage looking; I love all the filigree and pendants and such, so you'll see some of my pieces are brass inspired. I get my brass mainly from Vintaj brass Co. who run a contest if you send in your designs made with their product, you could win free brass and get published in their monthly newsletter! That sounds like great advertising to me! So I decided to submit this piece you see here. It also has Kazuri beads; handmade if Africa. I love these beads and what they represent; Kazuri employs disadvantaged people in need of jobs (mainly women especially single mothers with no other source of income). You can go to this site to learn more about Kazuri: Or you can just …