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Thinking ahead for 2013 and making a list

I've started 2 lists: one is "things I want to purchase in 2013" and my "2013 show list", which includes all the shows that I want to apply to for 2013.

new "sprocket earrings

I already have one thing from my “purchase” list. I ordered a metalsmithing DVD,- a 2 DVD set- that has some of the techniques that I would like to learn. Other things on that list include a business guide book, some jewelry making tools and I’m thinking about a new banner for my show tent and display.

My 2013 show list includes shows from 2012 that I liked, and would want to do again this year, plus shows that I applied to but did not get into last year. (You know, keep trying!)
On the list I write the show name, dates, cost, deadline to apply and deadline for payment. As I mentioned in a previous post, you can read that here, I’m shooting for one a month, except for the summer months, and I will probably apply to 2 a month during the fall holiday season, because you may not get …