Thinking ahead for 2013 and making a list

I've started 2 lists: one is "things I want to purchase in 2013" and my "2013 show list", which includes all the shows that I want to apply to for 2013.

new "sprocket earrings

I already have one thing from my “purchase” list. I ordered a metalsmithing DVD,- a 2 DVD set- that has some of the techniques that I would like to learn. Other things on that list include a business guide book, some jewelry making tools and I’m thinking about a new banner for my show tent and display.

My 2013 show list includes shows from 2012 that I liked, and would want to do again this year, plus shows that I applied to but did not get into last year. (You know, keep trying!)
On the list I write the show name, dates, cost, deadline to apply and deadline for payment. As I mentioned in a previous post, you can read that here, I’m shooting for one a month, except for the summer months, and I will probably apply to 2 a month during the fall holiday season, because you may not get into every show that you apply to, and if so I then can choose which one I would like to do or if I have enough inventory, why not try doing both shows? This of course, is if money (my finances) allow for it.
Great places to search for shows are: your local chamber of commerce, art museums and galleries, word of mouth from other artists, and ZAPP.
If you have any tips you'd like to share, please add a comment to this post.
More to follow………………

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UniqueNique said…
Wishing you a most successful 2013 it certainly looks like you are off on the right foot.
Lori Anderson said…
Love the earrings!

Sunshine Artist magazine and The Crafts Report magazine are excellent fir listing and reviewing juried shows, btw.
cindy said…
thank you both, and thanks for the tips Lori!
Sounds like a great plan for 2013. Can't wait to see what new techniques you add this year. Good luck with all your shows :)

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