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Taxes, eeekk!

For our Etsy Blogger's Team's blog carnival this month, the choices were, "New Year's Goals for your shop" or "How you organize your taxes". It seems that so far I'm the only one who has decided to tackle the tough subject. Although I'm big on goal setting, I'm not on New Year's "type" of goals/resolutions, and that's what the title made me think of, so taxes it is!
A scary subject to some, but if you're registered as a legal business, it's something we all must deal with.
We have an accountant do our taxes every year, so it makes it kind of easy for us. Last year, when I knew that I would be starting a jewelry design business, I asked the accountant what we should do concerning record keeping, what was allowed as deductions and the lot.
He suggested that we get a monthly bookkeeping record book. Which we did. And I keep it up to date every month. I'm good about details. A good record book will have columns and pag…