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My foot

First of all I want to thank my friends who left comments on my post yesterday. I'm glad to hear from you guys and it's always nice to get comments so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself! foot....My foot's been hurting me now about 2 months. I may have mentioned this when I went back to work, I don't remember. At first I just thought, well, my feet hurt because I haven't worked in 10 months and I gained alot of weight. I thought it would get better over time. So I put it off. Now both my temp. job that I had and my new job at the vet's require me to stand all day. This new job, I stand for 10 hours.
So today, I decided to go to the foot doctor. This is how I ended up.

Not great photography, I know. So I have plantar fasciitis, which is pretty inflamed right now. So from what I read on the internet and feared happened today.
X-rays, of course, a STEROID INJECTION IN MY HEEL, which actually didn't hurt like I thought it would, but the do…