My foot

First of all I want to thank my friends who left comments on my post yesterday. I'm glad to hear from you guys and it's always nice to get comments so I don't feel like I'm talking to myself! foot....My foot's been hurting me now about 2 months. I may have mentioned this when I went back to work, I don't remember. At first I just thought, well, my feet hurt because I haven't worked in 10 months and I gained alot of weight. I thought it would get better over time. So I put it off. Now both my temp. job that I had and my new job at the vet's require me to stand all day. This new job, I stand for 10 hours.
So today, I decided to go to the foot doctor. This is how I ended up.

Not great photography, I know. So I have plantar fasciitis, which is pretty inflamed right now. So from what I read on the internet and feared happened today.
X-rays, of course, a STEROID INJECTION IN MY HEEL, which actually didn't hurt like I thought it would, but the doctor said "it was a real painful injection".
Thanks alot for the scare Doc. And this wonderful splint. I'm suppose to wear when I sleep, I don't know how that's gonna work out. I might be sleeping alone!
They said I could wear it while watching T.V. if all night was too much. So as most of my day is over, I'm resting, icing my foot, and reading.
Here's Achilles watching me on the couch.

I figured I'd better rest today while I'm off, because, (no restrictions from work) I have to stand tomorrow for 10 hours. EEEkk! I sure hope this injection helps!
I didn't do anything else today, not even check on my shops, which I think I'll head over to now. So, goodnight everyone!
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Anonymous said…
I am so glad you went and had it checked out. I hope it heels (no pun intended) soon!
thebearaffair said…
Cindy, I had the same problem with my foot years ago. I was so lucky because the dr. I went to didn't believe in the injection (whew). Instead he wrapped my foot very tight with wide tape for 2 weeks. the point being that he was taping the arch up and giving it support so it could heal. He also gave me some exercises to strengthen the foot. He told me that he learned this procedure from a very old doctor friend and it worked. I'd suffered for years with this pain and it was so bad that I could barely stand and walk. I have never had trouble again since this procedure. Ask your doc about it and see what he says. Maybe You Tube has some video demo-ing the exercises. I could not believe it but the minute he taped my foot, the pain went away....good luck with your foot, I know it really hurts. Sally

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