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I'm not going out today

This is my view from the front patio window. It has been raining since 8:30 this morning. Not what you typically expect to see of "sunny" Florida! So, I didn't run my errands or do my usual Saturday morning running around routine. It's a good day to stay inside! A nap might be nice.
I've updated my Supply shop; so those of you would are interested; there are new sterling silver findings listed and more to follow.
I hope to have my new jewelry pieces up and listed this weekend. I know, I know, I said this about a week ago, but since the recent Etsy site changes, (you know what I mean if you on Etsy at all) I've had to do some modifications on my Etsy shops.
~Always fun, not being in total control of your own business~

And this needs to be fixed sometime soon too. One more thing, if you are one of the Asian bloggers leaving comments on this blog, it might help to convert them to English for me, as I do not read Chinese, Japanese, or any others!