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Still in the flow

And it's a good thing too. I actually finished about 12-15 new jewelry pieces this week! I finished some projects yesterday, and today did the photography. (I hate taking the photos), probably because I still struggle with taking good quality photos, that are appealing to the potential customer and show different angles, sides, how to wear, etc. I actually found a new colored background today, or should I say, "discovered" as I did not know that I had it. It is a rust/brown and I found it looked nice against some of this copper and silver mixed jewelry that I've be making, so I re-did some shots from last week.

And these amethyst square hoops look much better on the purple background. It brings the amethyst to life.

And now on to the new stuff:
silver spirals with textured circle impressions. These are post earrings.

A new copper cuff:

Amethyst with textured sterling silver discs:

More "barbed wire" designs, (I feel a series starting here)

I spent the rest …