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My top 5 jewelry making resources for the beginner

It's been a long time coming since I've shared any tips about jewelry making and the business of it. So here's a list of my top 5 picks for the beginner jewelry designer.

Top 5 resources to get you own your way to jewelry making:

1.Rena Klingenberg-You'll find everything here. Jewelry making tutorials, Q&A, business resources, articles, books written by Rena, and much,much, more. My favorites are these:
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2. Sharilyn Miller-Best known for her series on wire and beaded jewelry making. I started out with her books and videos. "Bead on a wire" is a classic.
You can find all of her books, DVD's and offerings here.

3. Lisa Niven Kelly (Beaducation)-A lot of good instructors have come out of and come to Beaducation. I have followed and purchased from this site for many years. They n…