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New earrings, NOT a bracelet,forgive the photos please

Busy, busy, busy. It's becoming my middle name. I wanted to post a blog yesterday, but spent the entire day working on new jewelry creations; that is after running errands. Over the weekend, I've been moving some of my jewelry stock around in local shops that I have items in. So some inventory had to be done to figure out what went where, what is going where, what sold, etc.
Our printer died. We did get out and had a chance to purchase a new one, as you can see in the back of this photo.

Or maybe not so well.
What started out as a twisted wire link bracelet of copper and sterling, did not turn out that way. (Sometimes stuff just doesn't turn out as expected.) What I did end up with is making "love Knot" links that I can use in earrings or any other piece as connector beads. The darker ones you see strung on a wire are actually the copper ones, I have yet to polish.

NOTE: They all have been oxidized, then I string them together before tumbling small pieces so they don…