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Runaway Saint by Lisa Samson~ a book review

This is the story about a young, entrepreneurial couple, who invite a long lost aunt to live with them. Sara, the artistic one of the couples’ printing business, learns more then she bargained for when inviting her Aunt Bel to be a part of their lives. Aunt Bel has been a missionary in a foreign country for over 15 years with no family contact to speak of.
With quirky characters: divorced parents, (Sara’s mom and Bel’s sister) lives in a tent on a farm, Bel, herself; quiet and reserved-obviously keeping secrets, and a cast of interesting co-workers at the old Firehouse- now turned into the print shop, plus the shops eclectic customers, makes this novel, a bit of a mystery, and uncovers some profound ideals, through the statements presented by the characters.
I really enjoyed this novel. The author presented great character development, a great story line, profound life statements, and a “group reading guide” at the end of the book.
This book would appeal to women readers; sisters,…