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After the show- the good and the bad

Overhead view at the PAVA Cool Art show (The Coliseum)

I originally was going to post a "are you ready for a rant?" But reconsidered, since the show wasn't a complete flop. I do have to admit that we had fewer people through the doors than previous years, and by Saturday's end, most jewelry artists that I talked to did not have a good day-myself included. But folks were buying large art pieces- which is confusing to me since the poor state of the economy, foreclosures, and people downsizing to smaller homes.

The good news is that I had help setting up this year. And break down was not bad either. My back held out all weekend, and I'm feeling no pain. (I guess I could thank my new chiropractor for that!) But I have to give credit also to the best investment I've ever made for my business, in buying a Rock N Roller cart.
This thing really saved my back and energy. ONE trip to the car. ONE trip held everything! (except my tent, which is on wheels itself) …