After the show- the good and the bad

Overhead view at the PAVA Cool Art show (The Coliseum)

I originally was going to post a "are you ready for a rant?" But reconsidered, since the show wasn't a complete flop. I do have to admit that we had fewer people through the doors than previous years, and by Saturday's end, most jewelry artists that I talked to did not have a good day-myself included. But folks were buying large art pieces- which is confusing to me since the poor state of the economy, foreclosures, and people downsizing to smaller homes.

The good news is that I had help setting up this year. And break down was not bad either. My back held out all weekend, and I'm feeling no pain. (I guess I could thank my new chiropractor for that!) But I have to give credit also to the best investment I've ever made for my business, in buying a Rock N Roller cart.
This thing really saved my back and energy. ONE trip to the car. ONE trip held everything! (except my tent, which is on wheels itself) I HIGHLY recommend this product! Easy to fold and unfold. Stores away nicely. Holds alot! I bought mine on Amazon: Rock N Roller.

My booth set up is pretty much the same as last time, although now I think next time I will add a white curtain to the back so that you can't see the person's booth behind me.
What I added that is new, are the burnt orange boxes with raffia in them.
They match my color scheme, and I thought that would make a nice change, brighten up my display and make it easier for customers to look at my earrings, instead of the metal stands that I was using; they looked cheap, and people always had a difficult time taking earrings off them to see up close.
I took heavy photo boxes and covered them with fabric I bought, and hot glued the fabric on, then used some left over raffia I had to stuff the boxes. Kinda reminds me of gift boxes. The lids make an attractive riser too, slanting the boxes a bit.

And now for the bad. I don't know what people want. One year they want wide cuffs. They next year bangles. They don't want to pay for a sterling chain on a pendant, so I do leather cording. You know what? They don't know what they want either! (As I had one jeweler say to me; I have to agree). It is so hard to sell. People come in and want to be "entertained" and for free. And I can't really blame this area of Florida with all the retirees and what not living here, beacause I network with other artists and jewelers around the country and hear that shows are bad in other areas too. So who's making the money? Show promoters.

And I may have lost a $96.00 sale. The Coliseum had poor WiFi connection, and I had a credit card transaction lost. I am not happy with "ProPay's" Jak. I may be looking into the "Square" instead.
Overall, I did o.k., but not as good as last year. Which again is why I'm choosing to do less and less shows. It's always a crap shoot.

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I've cut back on my shows quite a bit too. They are a lot of work if there's not much return.
I'm glad your cart was such a good investment though.
And I have to agree...sometimes buyers have no idea what they want!
(Ri)Charmed said…
Sorry things didn't go amazing. It can be really frustrating to figure out what's trending. I did a lot of shows when I started, but as time has gone on, I do less and less. I make more through other avenues and they are less of a hassle.

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