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Too many beads, too little time

Well, just got back from visiting San Antonio, Texas. Boy was it HOT!!! But I really enjoyed it and liked it alot there....hint, hint (to my husband) Anyway, I got lots of new ideas for jewelry. I'm feeling like a little southwestern jewelry on the rise. I have some great lampwork beads from Moon Stumpp that I think I'll work with next. Had to come home and draw out some design ideas so I wouldn't forget them. As I sit here and look at my work space, I have all these plastic bags sorted for projects I left before my trip. Will I ever get to complete them all?
So today I just finished listing a number of items in my etsy shop. These items were tagged to go to my hairdresser to sell, but the new shop owner said "no" for now. She said she'll call me when she gets the shop set up and settled. STRIKE ONE.
That's o.k. though, I have many other locations that I'm going to try to offer my jewelry to. Boutiques, little shops around the cute towns her…