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Saturday Morning

I spend my Saturday mornings in the company of a group of women. Recently, I have had mixed emotions about continuing on with this group. But I must share this. This morning a friend from the group told me how she and another really respected me for how I handled a certain situation. You don't know how good it made me feel. Hope has risen! I feel a bit better about the whole situation now.
You know, sometimes things appear worse than they are in actuality. Our minds tend to blow things out of proportion. I know mine does. One of my mantras that I try to remember is, "It's always 100 times worse in your head than it will actually be".
I'm sure I'm not alone with these types of thoughts. I have the hamster in my head running and running on the wheel. Sometimes he can't get off.

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
The mind is a very powerful tool. And it can play tricks on you. So I try to remember to stay in faith and not fear. When my mind starts racing off to…