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First show of the season; a bust

I think from now on, I should only apply to juried, fine art shows. I must have said this to myself a dozen or so times last night. I did a show sponsored by a local chamber of commerce. It was not an inexpensive show either. It was a "girl's night out" plus weekend on the beach for the guests. I thought it would be a good opportunity, as it was advertised well, and I expected it to be only one type of each vendor, plus it sounded like it was a bit upscale. A good place to sell my hand crafted jewelry, I thought. It did not turn out that way. This was not the right venue for my artisan jewelry, and I don't think they had 30 people throught the door. Quite a disappointment to all. I thought about titling this post as, "The most expensive meal I've ever had", since they had a free pasta station, so I got to eat a small plate of bow ties and a piece of cake. I will not do this again. Live and learn.
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