First show of the season; a bust

I think from now on, I should only apply to juried, fine art shows. I must have said this to myself a dozen or so times last night. I did a show sponsored by a local chamber of commerce. It was not an inexpensive show either. It was a "girl's night out" plus weekend on the beach for the guests. I thought it would be a good opportunity, as it was advertised well, and I expected it to be only one type of each vendor, plus it sounded like it was a bit upscale. A good place to sell my hand crafted jewelry, I thought. It did not turn out that way. This was not the right venue for my artisan jewelry, and I don't think they had 30 people throught the door. Quite a disappointment to all. I thought about titling this post as, "The most expensive meal I've ever had", since they had a free pasta station, so I got to eat a small plate of bow ties and a piece of cake. I will not do this again. Live and learn.
Here's a couple of new items that I just posted in my Etsy shop. Please stop by and take a look.

Copper disc earrings with imperial jasper

Wide brass cuff

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BeadedTail said…
Sorry your show was a bust. Juried shows are probably the best venue for attracting customers and having items priced right. So many shows have items at rock bottom, unheard of prices that it's crazy and impossible to compete. Better luck to you whenever you do your next show!
Erika said…
It is hard when a show does not bring in people and if you find yourself competing against mass produced items. I was asked to participate in the only two shows I have done; I am still not sure I want to do more though others say it is a great way to market their business.
storybeader said…
your jewelry is certainly beautiful!! And only 30 people to a well publicized show? Something is wrong. Maybe people don't really like the Chamber of Commerce! {:-D
Oh no! Sorry to hear about the show!
I do think you're right that your pieces would be better at fine art shows. Each of your pieces is so stunning and I don't think people realize the time you put into each piece!
tamdoll said…
Sorry to hear your show didn't go well! So disappointing that not a lot of people turned out. Every few years I'll participate in something and then remind myself not to do it again... then I forget.... not happening anymore! I love your jewelry, it is really beautiful.

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