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Well, it's time for my weekly blog post: First things first, oooh, I have to admit I really had fun with my latest bracelet project I call the kitchen sink bracelet. I start with sterling silver wire and wrap and coil it around to make these kinda football shaped beads, throwing in findings along the way. A little crystal here and there, Bali silver, whatever. I cannot take credit for this technique though, I did learn it from Lisa Niven Kelly of (Awesome classes!)
I had these artisan lampwork beads by Celine of "glass beads 4 u", oh I don't know, I bought them late last year for their uniqueness, then had a hard time coming up with something to use them in. Well, I think this was time well spent that they sat around a while. They really go with this theme I had. Celine calls them "oil slick" beads, I guess that's the design technique that she used to wrap around the bead; I'm just guessing here, I'm no lampworker!