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Well, it's time for my weekly blog post: First things first, oooh, I have to admit I really had fun with my latest bracelet project I call the kitchen sink bracelet. I start with sterling silver wire and wrap and coil it around to make these kinda football shaped beads, throwing in findings along the way. A little crystal here and there, Bali silver, whatever. I cannot take credit for this technique though, I did learn it from Lisa Niven Kelly of Beaducation.com. (Awesome classes!)
I had these artisan lampwork beads by Celine of "glass beads 4 u", oh I don't know, I bought them late last year for their uniqueness, then had a hard time coming up with something to use them in. Well, I think this was time well spent that they sat around a while. They really go with this theme I had. Celine calls them "oil slick" beads, I guess that's the design technique that she used to wrap around the bead; I'm just guessing here, I'm no lampworker!
I'm really proud of this bracelet. So then I decided to make some earrings too. So I wrapped and wrapped, and coiled! Made some emerald lampwork earrings too, these beads were made by Sharon of Catalina glass. Her work can also be viewed at her shop on Etsy.
So I thought I'd revisit a few of my older pieces and maybe spice up the pictures and add some more to my Etsy shop. I've posted here the Copper Queen necklace. I'm hoping a few new pictures will improve the quality of my picture taking skills and really show off just how pretty these lampwork beads are! (They were made by one of my favorite lampwork artists, Moon Stumpp). Also rephotographed my triple goddess earrings. I hope everyone can see the beauty in these. These were one of my first projects working with wire. They really were a fluke! They started out as something else then sort of fell into the 3 spiraling circles (and I thought of the aspects of the "triple goddess; maiden, mother, crone", and..... they were born! I added some pink tourmaline rondelles to them,( tourmaline is my favorite stone!)
I would love to have someone wear and enjoy them! They are getting lonely sitting in a box with other jewelry items!
One more thing, I started a gallery at Jewelry artists.org, so I'll be posting some of my favorite works there. There are alot of great artists on this site!
On a more personal note; I'd like to wish Moon and Bob Stumpp good luck, safe travels, and good times on their up coming move.
So tomorrow I'll add a couple more things to my Etsy store. The kitchen sink bracelet is up for sale now.


Moon Stumpp said…
Thank you Cindy! I'm still packing...very, very quickly. :-) BTW, I really like the disk focal necklace and those silver wire earrings are to die for!

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