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Sharing ideas, earning money, and creativity

The other day while feeling stuck, creatively, financially, and with no motivation, I happened to open an email from a news letter that I subscribe to called, "Embracing Creativity". The title of this email said, "If You Think You Can't Afford It". Hmmm, this piqued my interest.
Sally Evans, author of this news letter writes a wonderful blog exploring the many possibilities that can be available to anyone who wants them.
In this session of "If You Think You Can't Afford It", Sally offers many ideas on how to make your dreams come true, and how to explore the many options out there to make extra income. For example, she offers options on "selling something", whether it be a product of your own making, having a garage sale, or jewelry exchange.
Then she offers tips on "Earning it". Again she offers tips on selling your product, creating a service business, or doing something part time to earn extra income. Did you know that you can …