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What remains

Well, I must admit, I did better (on my home show) yesterday than anticipated. A few more people came than expected, and I made a good number of sales! Unfortunately ,this is the only photo that turned out. The rest were all shaky, blurry, from my nervously awaiting hands, I guess. This shows the center of my table where I themed my southwest style items. I tried to group everything according to categories, and it did have a nice flow. Good practice for if, and when I decide to do a arts and crafts show of any kind.

The Yart Sale was not that great though. And that seemed to be the general consensus of sellers on Etsy as I checked the forums today. Many are continuing their sales. I am one of them. I am continuing to offer 30% OFF ALL LISTED PRICES IN THE YART SALE SECTION of my shop until the end of June. Now these are great prices on jewelry pieces, so you might want to stock up on birthday, or holiday gifts now.
So, for the rest of the summer, I've decided to offer a special ever…