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Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer~ a book review

As a follow up to her bestselling book, “Battlefield of the Mind”, Joyce Meyer once again brings us a power packed book with 12 strategies to win the battle of the mind. In her usual easy to read style, Joyce explains the power of positive thinking, and working with your own mind, to change negative thinking into positive, on purpose thinking, so that we may live the happy, joyous lives that Jesus wants us to live. This is the overall message in part one of the book.
Part two, explains the actual power thoughts program. Joyce lists 12 power thoughts, with scriptural references and quotes. Each chapter is dedicated to one power thought. Joyce uses personal examples to help us identify with each thought, as well as, sections called, “Think about it”, where we get to ponder over a question relating to the power thought, and write out our thoughts and answers.
“This book is not meant to be read only once”, Joyce says. Her recommendation is to read the book through once, then go back…