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Gemstone myths and lore

This is part one of a series of gemstone lore, A to Z.
Generally speaking, from a metaphysical stand point, most gemstones can carry healing powers. It often depends on the stone chosen and the color. To keep it simple, I will refer to the "basic" qualities of the gemstone without discussing various colors.
AGATE: Agates are used by many for security or protection. While banded, or striped agates are said to possess stronger powers of protection and added strength for the owner. It is said that agates can be worn as "truth" amulets.
In the Middle East they were popular to ensure health. In ancient Britain they were used to keep away skin diseases. In Africa, the Botswana agate was used by the ancients in fertility rites.

"Botswana agate"

AMBER: Typically found in yellow, or red, amber is fossilized tree resin. It has sun energy. Used in ancient times for decoration as well as healing potions. It was ground down to a powder, mixed with honey and given to a pers…