Monday morning photos, I've got mail, and a can of beans! Strange, I know

Good Monday morning! Well, it's really late afternoon here, as I finally get around to making a post. I try to have photos to show at every blog post, so, sometimes I end up waiting to show off my new goodies that I've made. I've had a supply crisis recently; running out of just about every gauge of wire in silver and copper that I use! But I found a sale last week, (yeah!) and my new wire has just arrived today.

And I bought a wire rounder. I've been wanting one for awhile, and have been using my files or dremel to smooth wire. But what's cool about this tool, is that it has a cup burr on the end, so I think it will help to make really nice ends on ear wires.

BTW: have I mentioned that I got new business cards and jewelry tags with my new Etsy shop banner?

I had JacksonInk make these for me. Emily is fairly new to Etsy, and she does nice work and is prompt. She has made a few things for me.
I'm slowing changing all my social networking sites to this banner. Although I really like the lotus flower here on my blog.
So here's a few of the things I've been working on last week. First, just experimenting with charms, dangles and spirals, I dabbled a little in copper.

I love adding little spiral charms to some of my pieces. Now just between us, the double spiral pendant that I'm showing, will be created/turned into earrings. (Now that I have wire)
I made some funky bangle bracelets; and a half bangle charm bracelet with lampwork beads and discs. The lampwork bracelet is currently in my Etsy shop, but not the bangles. Here's what happened. Last Friday, I had an appointment with the Painted Fish gallery (where some of my work is featured) to bring in new jewelry and she took all of them! (Never made it to my shop!)

Here's the deal: If you like any of them, I can custom make it for you, just leave a comment or contact me through any of my shops on-line. They are not expensive, and you could probably wear a few at a time! I have to make a couple for myself!
Pssst! I do plan on making maybe a couple in smaller sizes to add to my Etsy shop. The ones I already made were larger, say to fit a 7 to 8 inch wrist.
Now the next thing I need to get is a bracelet mandrel. I'm hoping to order one soon, but they are expensive! I substituded a can of beans to make the first ones! It's dented pretty well, I must say.

I've posted a new poll in the side bar. So please place your vote! This is something I'm going to continue to do, so enjoy reading them.
Have a good evening everyone!

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