Etsy Blogger's October 9 blog carnival:Writing for Relief

"What is your favorite childhood memory of Halloween?", this blog carnival wants to know. When I first read what the group had for topics this time, I almost shudder. You see, I don't think that I have a favorite childhood memory of Halloween. What first entered my mind when I looked back into the dark recesses of my mind, was not a fond memory, but a rather negative one. I was thinking about Halloween costumes and dressing up in them, and what your parents may have aloud you to wear, or not wear, as the case may be.
I remember a Halloween, a long time ago; I was probably in kindergarten or first grade. And I don't really remember wearing the costume, buying it or anything, but what I do remember is a photo taken of me in the costume.
I was a flower. I think a daisy. Not a fancy costume, but rather a paper bag cut out costume. (Don't expect to see any photos here!) And my face in the center of the flower. I remember the other kids in their "fancy" costumes, you know, the ones like a pull on jump suit, complete with plastic face mask of some super hero, Barbie, or popular cartoon character.
What was my mother thinking? "Oh, doesn't she look cute?" Or was she thinking safety first, as my paper bag may catch fire and burn quickly, but those plastic ones could be a death trap!
I think I was feeling different from the other kids, standing out, not in a good way, not fitting in, or poor. Which we were not. But not fitting into the norm seems to have continued as a way of life with me.
My happier memories of Halloween costumes have to be the popular "gypsy", which I seemed to cling to every year. The wilder the better. As long as Mom approved, of course. The wild colors, bandannas, scarves and lots and lots of jewelry! Bangle bracelets running up my arms. Lot's of make-up and I believe sometimes a wig.
Now I see where I get my creativity and love of jewelry and being different from.
I didn't expect this blog post to turn into a psychiatric session, but perhaps it's all for the good. Wow, it's funny how after time your mind clears and memories surface. But, that's for another time.........
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Made by Melissa said…
ooo, I did the gypsy thing as I got older too. It was too much fun! I loved wearing my mother's big hoop earrings.

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